I despise
That I’m less in your eyes
Because there is no gap between my thighs
You think it’s a disgrace
That I can’t contour my face
I can’t erase
This pain

This feeling of insecurity
I’m not all that you can be
Can’t you see
It’s killing me
I just want to be free
From these rules

My butt must be big
My waist must be a twig
I can’t flout
The perfect pout
Or any other nonsense you spout
I’m not about
That life

We’re told it’s our duty
To be a picture of beauty
But it’s not
Individuality is key
Be who you want to be
That’s the message from me


A tiny trickle of tears was slowly trailing down her rouged cheeks, leaving a salty wet path behind.

She lifted a hand to wipe away the evidence of her pain but a sob soon ripped itself from her throat and the tiny trickle became a stream. Hearing footsteps from somewhere to her left, her head snapped up. Knowing her eyes to be red and her face to be puffy from her breakdown, she cringed at the sight of a lone figure walking towards her.

She wrapped her arms around her waist instinctively and turned her face down, hoping her hood would hide her tear-stained face. Feeling naked and vulnerable at the abrupt invasion of her alone time, she waited for the steps to pass her.

But they didn’t.

Risking a glance up, her emerald orbs connected with icy grey ones. She inwardly shuddered in shame at the sympathy on the stranger’s face but couldn’t avert her gaze. He silently sat next to her, his company inexplicably comforting. He did not speak to her and he did not make any attempt to openly sooth her, and yet her tears tapered off.

Her eyes sought out his face beside her and noted how the soft glow of the moonlight reflected beautifully off his platinum hair. He glanced back and smiled, the left side of his face lifting up just slightly more than the right.

Her breath hitched in her throat and she smiled back.

As silently and suddenly as he’d arrived, he stood up and left. A shiver that had nothing to do with the night’s cool air shuddered through her and she was left wondering why that seemingly insignificant encounter felt so significant.

I’m the chaos; I’m the calm,
I’m the healer; I’m the harm,
I am dark and I am light,
In the day and in the night.

I’m a saint; I’m a sinner,
I’m a loser; I’m a winner,
I’m your enemy, I’m your friend,
From the beginning until the end.

I’m a lover and a fighter,
The extinguisher; the igniter,
I’m the best; I’m the worst,
I am blessed; I am cursed.

I am fiction; I am fact,
I’m concrete; I’m abstract.
I’m a follower; I’m a leader,
I’m a writer and a reader.

I’m hot and I’m cold,
I’m young and I’m old,
I’m a grimace; I’m a grin.
Through thick and through thin.

I am a failure; I am a success,
I’m a strike; I’m a caress,
I am bound and I am free,
I am you and you are me.

She’s different.


Everyone tells her she’s different.


Whilst everyone else is bracing against the storm, she’s dancing in the rain. Whilst everyone else is striving for the black and white, she’s living the grey. She lets her true colours shine through and she frolics in the rainbow it creates.


Most people want to blend, they want to conform. But not her. Why conform to society’s standards when society’s standards suck?


She has a messy soul and a reckless mind but that’s ok. Everyone’s a little crazy, she just doesn’t hide it.


People call her offbeat, but she’s just dancing to the beat of her own song.


She’s just being herself, because everyone else is taken.


Everyone told me that love hurts. But I think they’re wrong.

Love can lead to hurt, sure. Because love can lead to rejection and loss. They hurt… but love does not hurt.

Love lifts you and revives you. It fills you with joy and happiness. Love numbs the pain that life can inflict on you. The comfort felt from a lover’s soft embrace is matched by very little else in this world.

Love can provide excitement, tenderness and a feeling of belonging.

I understand where the confusion can come from, because to love is to be vulnerable. To put your love out into the world and not have it returned can crush a person. But to love and be loved back… there’s no better feeling.

Love never hurts you but the absence of it will. To live without love is no life worth living.

Pure love is beautiful. Imagine that happy giggle that can only be provoked by the sheer giddiness of love. Imagine that feeling of absolute belonging when enveloped in your loved one’s arms. Imagine the joy you feel at the sight of their smile.

Bitterness can set in once love leaves your life, though. It’s easy to blame the concept of love rather than those we give our love. Someone who doesn’t know how to love you can hurt you, and someone who abuses your love can hurt you.

But love? No. Love is possibly the only thing in this world that will never hurt.

Do you ever wonder
Who stole the light from her eyes?
Do you ever think about
Who fed her all those lies?

They told her beauty
Was being skin and bones
They tried to make her
Like the rest of society’s clones

Don’t eat this
And don’t eat that
Because who would love
Someone who’s fat?

Paint yourself perfect
Put on a show
But make in look natural
Don’t let them know

They told her to be confident
But also modest and shy
Shoot for the stars
But don’t aim too high

Ambition is good
But only in small amounts
If you want to be a leader
They’ll call you bossy by all accounts

They said be smart
But don’t be a genius
She finally starts to realise
It’s all rather tedious

Perfection is impossible
And massively overrated
But to this life
She was always fated

They pushed her inside a box
And told her who to be
She thought she had a choice
She thought that she was free

But they trained her
All through her life
They made her live
Through all that strife

Nightmares aren’t just
A part of her sleep
She lives in one
She lurks in it deep

And they’ll do it again
To the next little girl
The same story
Will once again unfurl

Are you wondering
How we stop it occurring?
Do you hope
That a change is stirring?

Encourage positivity
And teach resilience
You’d be surprised
How much it makes a difference

Give praise
Where praise is due
Not just for results
But for effort too

Model body acceptance
And don’t define her by her looks
Because other things are important too
Like sports and music and books

Let her know that
Being different is ok
Let her find herself
In her own way

Hopefully this advice
Will help the next little girl
Find happiness
In this big scary world

I want to be
Where I can I fly
Where I can touch the sky
And be tickled by the clouds
Soaring above the ocean

Raindrops whisper to me
As they fall to the water below
Thunder faces me
Wind embraces me
I start to slow

Fields of crystal flowers
That sparkle, shimmer and shine
In this world of mine
This beautiful world
And all its wonders

Time stands still
But I do not
I run wild and free
There is so much to see
But I begin to wake

Reality screams my name
But I shy away from its call
Let me stay
Don’t take me away
Surely its still nightfall?

Let me stay
In this beautiful dream of mine
My sleeping refuge
I built this world to save me from
Life’s depressing deluge

My eyes peek through their lids
Light floods my vision
Through my memory, my mind digs
Recalling my night’s adventures
With precision

A few more hours
I must wait
Through my dreamland’s gate
I will once again cross
Oh how I long for my deep sleep