I want to be
Where I can I fly
Where I can touch the sky
And be tickled by the clouds
Soaring above the ocean

Raindrops whisper to me
As they fall to the water below
Thunder faces me
Wind embraces me
I start to slow

Fields of crystal flowers
That sparkle, shimmer and shine
In this world of mine
This beautiful world
And all its wonders

Time stands still
But I do not
I run wild and free
There is so much to see
But I begin to wake

Reality screams my name
But I shy away from its call
Let me stay
Don’t take me away
Surely its still nightfall?

Let me stay
In this beautiful dream of mine
My sleeping refuge
I built this world to save me from
Life’s depressing deluge

My eyes peek through their lids
Light floods my vision
Through my memory, my mind digs
Recalling my night’s adventures
With precision

A few more hours
I must wait
Through my dreamland’s gate
I will once again cross
Oh how I long for my deep sleep