I’m the chaos; I’m the calm,
I’m the healer; I’m the harm,
I am dark and I am light,
In the day and in the night.

I’m a saint; I’m a sinner,
I’m a loser; I’m a winner,
I’m your enemy, I’m your friend,
From the beginning until the end.

I’m a lover and a fighter,
The extinguisher; the igniter,
I’m the best; I’m the worst,
I am blessed; I am cursed.

I am fiction; I am fact,
I’m concrete; I’m abstract.
I’m a follower; I’m a leader,
I’m a writer and a reader.

I’m hot and I’m cold,
I’m young and I’m old,
I’m a grimace; I’m a grin.
Through thick and through thin.

I am a failure; I am a success,
I’m a strike; I’m a caress,
I am bound and I am free,
I am you and you are me.