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Everyone told me that love hurts. But I think they’re wrong.

Love can lead to hurt, sure. Because love can lead to rejection and loss. They hurt… but love does not hurt.

Love lifts you and revives you. It fills you with joy and happiness. Love numbs the pain that life can inflict on you. The comfort felt from a lover’s soft embrace is matched by very little else in this world.

Love can provide excitement, tenderness and a feeling of belonging.

I understand where the confusion can come from, because to love is to be vulnerable. To put your love out into the world and not have it returned can crush a person. But to love and be loved back… there’s no better feeling.

Love never hurts you but the absence of it will. To live without love is no life worth living.

Pure love is beautiful. Imagine that happy giggle that can only be provoked by the sheer giddiness of love. Imagine that feeling of absolute belonging when enveloped in your loved one’s arms. Imagine the joy you feel at the sight of their smile.

Bitterness can set in once love leaves your life, though. It’s easy to blame the concept of love rather than those we give our love. Someone who doesn’t know how to love you can hurt you, and someone who abuses your love can hurt you.

But love? No. Love is possibly the only thing in this world that will never hurt.


Sand tickled her bare feet as she waltzed across the beach like a performer on the dance floor. Arms in the air, she spun and spiralled along the line where the ocean met the land, as careful as if she was walking on a high-wire in a circus.

Unperturbed by the pull of the wind against her tangled, honey-blonde hair, and the tug of the cool salt water against her toes, she was lost to the world around her. Lost to her troubles and fears.

A low chuckle rumbled from the man trailing behind her. The girl turned and gazed into the eyes of the man she loved and would always love. His sapphire eyes could rival the ocean for their beauty and depth. Her lips turned up in a smile that was mirrored on the man’s untroubled face. A smile could translate love better than words ever could. A smile was all they needed to express the intensity of their emotions.

Grabbing the hand offered to her, she pulled her lover into her embrace, fingers laced into his golden hair. She pulled comfort from his touch and happiness from his warmth. A hum of contentment resounded from her throat, and floated away on the ocean’s breeze, quickly stifled by the gentle crash of waves and the sharp cries of gulls circling gracefully above.

Pulling back, the man placed his hand gently to her rouged cheek, and she fell willingly into the contact. His hand was rough but his touch was tender and she loved him. She most definitely loved him.


I was in love with the idea of love
But the emotion escaped me
Lost and alone
Misery unknown
Life a haunting melody

Love was a lost illusion
A bitter conclusion
Through the lies and the pain
Bracing against the rain

But then I feel you
Washing over me
Pinned to the spot
By the passion blazing in your eyes
A mesmerising surprise

Your kiss is devastating
My heart’s pulsating
We’d be breathing the same air
If I could remember how to breathe

Your beauty moves me
Your passion paralyses me
I’m drowning in you

I’m losing myself
I’m losing you
In this world full of hate
Drowning in darkness
I can’t even contemplate

I need something worth fighting for
A flawless cure
To numb the pain
Escape the game
Or I think I’ll go insane

There’s so much to lose
I wish I could choose
An easier path
Careless and unthinking
Facing the aftermath

I was in love with the idea of love
But the emotion escaped me
Beautifully fleeting
It fled my life
An endless strife

I marvel at the colour of her.

I marvel at her green eyes; perfect orbs of emerald, fading into aquamarine with flecks of tiffany blue. As deep as an ocean, and just as mysterious. I could swim in her eyes for hours, lost in their beauty.

I marvel at the pinkness in her cheeks, as delicate and soft as a rose petal. I wonder how warm the blush feels to her. I wonder if she knows how adorable it makes her.

I marvel at the creamy whiteness of her skin, which would richen to a golden brown in the Summer. Radiant and relucent; not cold like snow.

I marvel at her wavy blonde locks, cascading like spun gold down to her waist. Strands of butterscotch and caramel intertwine on a bed of glimmering honey , as bright as a flame in the dark. The breeze lifts her hair softly, pulling at it playfully.

I marvel at her lips. Usually a soft and pale pink; today they were painted a startling and passionate crimson red. They were as bright as a perfectly ripe cherry, and as mesmerising the flicker of fire. Smooth and soft looking, and oh so tempting.

I marvel at the deep blue of her dress, the material clinging to her body, accentuating her figure. The dress stops just above her knees, baring her long legs and I marvel at how the dark navy contrasts beautifully with her pale skin.

I marvel at the sunset behind her, and how nature has created the perfect balance of scarlet and gold to accomplish the sensation of utter peace and romance that only a star setting on the horizon can produce.

I marvel at the colour of her soul. The rainbow of warmth that washes over me when I’m in her presence.

I marvel at the colour of her.

I marvel at her.


How many decades, centuries, millennia have people spent trying to define love?

Four little letters; a whole world of meanings.

It’s involuntary; it’s unavoidable; it’s uncontrollable. We cannot command or demand love anymore than we can can change the Sun or the Stars.

Love is captivating. Whether you are in love, or in the presence of love, a certain aura flows through the air and it’s intoxicating. To give yourself to another human, mind, body and soul is a beautiful sensation. A beautiful sensation that, once had, is not so easily relinquished.

You can cling to love but ultimately, it is beyond your control. Does love ever really leave you? Is it ever entirely forgotten?

It is the most mysterious of emotions.

Love is acceptance. Acceptance of the good and bad, the easy and the difficult. It is accepting a person for who they are, and who they can be. And it is knowing that you have been accepted too, for all of your flaws and all of your failings.

Love is deeper than the oceans, and just as mystifying. Falling in love is just that: falling. It’s like jumping off of a cliff and trusting in someone to catch you.

Love is scary. Fear of rejection, fear of a broken heart, it can all be too much for some. But the risk is worth it. Because when you find love, when you find that enchanting sensation of existing as one with another person, it is the greatest reward you can hope for.

Love is the ultimate motivation. Not just romantic love, but the love for your friends and for your family, it can provoke you to do unthinkable things. Driven by love, you can accomplish more than you could ever imagine.

Love is a challenge. It’s not easy to relinquish control, but to fall in love is to do just that. A small spark can turn into a raging flame, and to be in control of that flame, to not let it spiral out of control, is a difficulty.

Love is a risk. The deeper the emotional connection, the more you have to lose. And that loss can be devastating.

You can embrace love, or you can fight it, but you cannot control how and when love will enter your life. It can strike like lightning – erratic and invincible. At the same time, love can enter your life subtly. It can creep up on you, and can sneak into your life without you noticing, until suddenly your whole world is changed.

Many people think that love is the destination, but love is the journey. From that first kiss to that first fight. It has its ups and downs; its twists and turns; its passion and its anger. You can’t predict the path that love will take you down, but you have to trust that the happiness you experience will be worth it.

So, what is love? It’s human nature to put labels on things, but maybe love is one of those things that shouldn’t be defined.

Love is incomprehensible, and that’s what makes it beautiful.